Villa in Oslo

In a wooden villa just outside of Oslo, Susanne Holzweiler, an inspiring business owner and cofounder of the multifaceted company Holzweiler, has chosen a bamboo kitchen from our E Collection, for her newly renovated family home. The house is situated in a rural neighborhood where they get to enjoy a spacious garden and lots of natural light. Our journey and collaboration with Susanne began when she visited our previous workshop and showroom, an inspiring meeting which led to us making her a kitchen with Rye finish and drop handles. The interior design is balanced and harmonious with a focus on a few, quality materials and has an interesting appeal by using patterned floors and contrasting nuances.

The kitchen also functions as a family room with several areas designated for social gatherings or work, or perhaps a combination of both. They can choose to sit around either of the two dining tables, in the finish Wheat, or gather around the kitchen island. The kitchen island is a great furniture piece that ties the kitchen and living room together, making the room more versatile. The kitchen is also custom designed to make the best use of the room and has practical solutions like the kitchen bench which ends in a sitting bench. This elongates the kitchen, creates more storage space and allows for more seats without visually cramming the room with chairs. The result is a minimalistic and open space, letting the natural light in and creating a pleasing atmosphere.