Interior Architecture

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Ask og Eng’s journey started with a kitchen, but we have evolved to be so much more. When involving us in your project we can offer you an interior consultation. The consultation can vary in scope, and is concluded with a visual moodboard and more specific design suggestions, such as color palettes, textiles, bespoke furniture e.g to make a foundation for all of your choices in the next phase. If you want to hear more about our prices and the possibilities we offer, you can book a meeting with us online or write us an email

Our projects often start in the kitchen – the heart of the home – and then migrate into the living room, bathroom and hallway. For us, this is a natural evolution of our design process, and one we welcome and invite. We encourage you to think broadly and creatively together with us about what would work best for your home, and we are always open to creating original, bespoke solutions that reach far beyond the kitchen.