Frequently asked questions

How to order my new kitchen?

From our A collection: First you need to plan your kitchen and measure the whole kitchen. Next step is to visit an IKEA store to plan and design it. After ordering, find your favorite color and handles and send us your IKEA drawing for a full quote. You get the full scope here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

What is the average cost?

The average cost for bamboo fronts from us made for an average size kitchen is about 7,000 € excluding VAT. Feel free to look here for a few size and price examples.

What about VAT on international orders?

Note that for all of our international orders, the quote can be invoiced without VAT. Keep in mind that local taxes and other import fees may be applied after customs declaration. We recommend checking with your local customs office to see which rates will apply to your order. We therefor recommend that we include VAT in your order – so the product travels safely and smooth to your location abroad.

What to expect from bamboo? 

When you choose to invest in a Ask og Eng furniture it is important to have knowledge about what you are investing in. Compared to several other surfaces, bamboo is a 100% natural material, which can be used, worn and which provides the opportunity to correct any damage that may occur. 

However, at the same time, we emphasize that it is important to be aware that bamboo is organic and a natural material, so that there can occur small movements when exposed to changes such as humidity and temperature. Small cracks may also be seen in your product. Each piece of furniture is unique in the structure of the bamboo and natural formation. Color variation between different pieces of bamboo may therefore occur. 

We have always thought that this is part of the charm, it is a natural material, and this is a part of the materials story, so we have not tried to counteract this too much, but rather embraced it as natural variations.

We are nevertheless convinced that nothing can compare to furniture made out of bamboo and other natural materials.

What is the thickness of your bamboo kitchen doors and drawer fronts?

All of our bamboo kitchen doors and drawer fronts are 20 mm thick and this needs to accounted for when ordering your counter top.

Do your kitchen doors fit both the faktum and the metod cabinets from IKEA?

For now, our standard kitchen doors from the A collection only fit the IKEA METOD cabinet. If you want to inquire a custom front design for other suppliers we can make you a quote with estimated pricing.

What is your production time?

The A collection – about 6-8 weeks. We will contact you when your doors are ready for shipment. The custom made E collection is about 10-12 weeks. The exact time of production will be included in the offer.

What is your recommended overhang for counter tops?

We recommend an overhang of 10 mm over the kitchen fronts. On sides we recommend a minimum of 5 mm. Remember that Ask og Eng kitchen fronts and cover panels are 20 mm thick.

What color do you recommend for the IKEA cupboards?

For all of our lighter colors such as snow, soil, wheat, grain and stone, we recommend white cupboards. For the darker colors, such as bean and coal, you could also use black IKEA cupboards.

Do you install kitchen fronts and counter tops?

We do not install the METOD cabinets, but the doors are made so that you easily just follow the instructions from IKEA. In Norway, we have our own carpenters ready to install your new bamboo counter tops. A request for assembly of bamboo fronts can also be made. An estimated price of this, and a start up date, will be sent you, upon request.

How to install my new kitchen fronts?

When you have finished installing your IKEA cabinets , you are ready to install the hinges from IKEA on to your new bamboo fronts – as instructed in the IKEA installation instructions. 

Please note that all of our cover panels are made slightly oversized, as we recommend some adaptation to be done on site, to take into account the distortions in walls and floorings.

What is your maintenance recommendations?

All kitchens, bathroom furniture and other furniture from Ask and Eng are supplied with a surface treatment. The bamboo is treated first with pigmented linseed oil. This makes the bamboo resistant to water spills and wear. 

Like any other natural product, the bamboo should be treated after a period of time, approx. once a year to every two years, or as much as the amount of wear and tear demands. 

For simple maintenance of your bamboo kitchen or furniture we recommend that you use a cloth and only water. On tougher stains you can use the cleaning spray from monocoat. This will remove stains and also leave a bit of oil at the top, which will make your product last longer. 

Contact us for product recommendation, and further instructions on maintenance. All of the products mentioned above can be bought with us.

How to install my new kitchen fronts?

All of our custom made doors/kitchens/furniture is especially made for you, and is therefore non-refundable. However, we are very concerned with you being happy and pleased about your newly purchased product, so we offer to send you a sample of the items you are interested in.