Cabin at Rauland

For this cabin located in the Norwegian mountains, we aimed to create a warm and contemporary retreat. Together with the owner who is an interior designer, we created a recurring theme throughout the cabin by enhancing quality materials. There are sophisticated solutions at every corner of the cabin, like the traditional architecture with exposed logs and its rough appearance that contrasts with the smooth and delicate surfaces.


The bathroom plays with warm and cold elements with the tiled floors, microcement walls and our custom made bamboo vanity unit in the finish, Rye. The wash basin and the floor tiles are made with the natural stone Lundhs Antique, a type of anorthosite which ties in with the dark stained walls in the other rooms. Cabins are a huge part of Norwegian culture and it is common practice to bring nature inside by using natural materials. And although bamboo is not naturally occuring in the Norwegian environment we wanted it to feel like an integrated part of this beautiful scenery.